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Getting an Abortion Improved 5 Women’s Financial Futures

  • On Monday, a draft SCOTUS opinion to overturn Roe v. Wade was leaked, sparking public outrage.
  • For women and gender-expansive people, the decision to get an abortion is often tied to finances.
  • Insider spoke to five women about how their abortions affected their financial futures.

For many women and gender-expansive people, the choice to get an abortion is rooted in financial circumstances. Can they actually afford the medical expense of having a child, and the responsibility to support that child for at least 18 years?

A 2020 study led by Sarah Miller at the University of Michigan shows that women who were denied abortions had an 81% increase in negative financial public records, such as tax liens, bankruptcy, and evictions. The study also shows that women who are denied abortions are more likely to have credit scores of 600 or less.

While very few studies examine the economic impact of abortions on non-binary and transgender people, Forbes reported that cisgender people make 32% more income than transgender people. This could mean that transgender people have even less financial resources to keep an unwanted pregnancy and raise a child than cisgender women.

Insider spoke with five women who discussed how their abortion affected their financial future.

Content warning: abuse, sexual assault, abortion

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