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Foldable iPhone: Everything we know so far

While the rumor mill is abuzz with Apple’s inevitable iPhone 14, a mysterious foldable iPhone may be in the works — or a foldable something, at the very least.

With competitors such as Samsung gaining plenty of admiration from foldable fans with its Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold series, and Google tipped to be chipping away at its own Pixel Fold, it makes sense that the Cupertino giant is hopping on the foldable bandwagon and working on a device that folds in half as well. The thing is, it may not arrive until 2025.

That said, whispers of a foldable iPhone have been lurking about for well over a year, and they’ve now expanded to not just a foldable phone, but a potential foldable iPhone/iPad hybrid.

Many believe Apple has something interesting up its sleeve, and we’ve rummaged around the internet to scope out the latest leaks and rumors to find out more about the foldable iPhone — along with other potential Apple foldables. 

Foldable iPhone release date

One thing’s for sure, we don’t expect to see a foldable iPhone anytime soon. Last year, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo made some stirring predictions about a possible 8-inch foldable iPhone to start shipping in 2023. In fact, Kuo claimed Apple was hoping to ship 15 to 20 million foldable iPhones, with Samsung set to supply the foldable OLED displays.

Before that, Chinese investment research firm EqualOcean reported Apple may launch a 7.3- to 7.6-inch foldable OLED smartphone in 2023, as predicted by global communications and digital media research organization Omdia. They even stated it would come with a new “activity pen.”

While 2023 is still a ways off, many rumors have recently shifted this alleged foldable iPhone’s trajectory to something very different. Now, Kuo predicts the Cupertino tech giant’s first foldable product will launch in 2025 “at the earliest,” as the product was apparently delayed. What’s more, he states we may not be seeing a foldable iPhone, but rather a foldable iPad with a 9-inch OLED display, or a combination of the two popular devices. This could be similar in size to the 8.3-inch iPad mini, but with the folding ability of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3

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