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Fall Guys release time: free-to-play

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The Fall Guys release time for the free-to-play version of the game will be on June 21st at different times depending on your timezone, that’s less than 24 hours away at the time of writing.

Fall Guys was a smash hit when it was originally released on PC and PlayStation 4 back in 2020 as a pay-for game, but now the game is releasing on Xbox consoles, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 5, and it will be free-to-play on every platform, including the existing ones.

Fall Guys release time where you are

Below are the Fall Guys release times for various different timezones. For the majority of consoles, these times are guaranteed, though for the Nintendo Switch users we’re not quite sure yet.

Fall Guys free-to-play release time on PC, PlayStation & Xbox consoles

The Fall Guys release time for the free-to-play version on PC, PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S & Xbox Series X will be on June 21st 2022 at the following times.

  • 04:00 PDT (that’s 4AM Pacific Daylight Time, USA)
  • 07:00 EDT (that’s 7AM Eastern Daylight Time, USA)
  • 12:00 BST (that’s midday British Summer Time)
  • 13:00 CEST (that’s 1PM Central European Summer Time)
  • 21:00 AEST (that’s 9PM Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Fall Guys Nintendo Switch release time

Whilst you can expect the Fall Guys Nintendo Switch release date to be the same as above, the release time for the Nintendo Switch version is a bit uncertain at the moment. It could be that you can play the game on Nintendo Switch at exactly the same time as above, or it could be that the game releases at one of the times when we typically see most Switch games release.

Third-party (i.e. non-Nintendo) games tend to release at 12:00 EST / 13:00 EDT which may mean Nintendo Switch users see the game unlocked at the following times:

  • 10:00 PDT (that’s 10AM Pacific Daylight Time, USA)
  • 13:00 EDT (that’s 1PM Eastern Daylight Time, USA)
  • 18:00 BST (that’s 6PM British Summer Time)
  • 19:00 CEST (that’s 7PM Central European Summer Time)
  • 05:00 AEST (that’s 5AM Australian Eastern Standard Time on June 22nd 2022)

We’re still holding out for the earlier Fall Guys release time for the Nintendo Switch though!

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