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Factions in Chivalry 2: How to change and is the tutorial permanent?

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Those who are getting into Chivalry 2 for the first time will encounter an introduction mission, introducing you to the lore of the game. The two main factions in the game are Agath and the Masons, Agatha being the noble knights with the Masons being hard men looking to build a new kingdom on strength and fighting back against Agatha.

The tutorial mission makes you run a little scenario, which then makes you choose between the Masons and Agatha. But don’t be confused as this is not a permanent choice in, rather just pick a side you want to fight on during the tutorial. 

After that, you can then go into the game, and play any faction, depending on the map you’re on. What tends to happen is one faction plays the attackers, and one team the defenders, which varies from map to map. You will typically be assigned a team at random t the start of the game or maybe auto-balanced if the server is a little light on players for one team.

In addition, if you want to play for another team by choice, there is a change faction key you can press. Simply press the ‘N’ key to bring up the team menu if you’re playing on Steam and Epic. Console players can use your appropriate menu option and check the team option if it is available on your server.

Note, as of the Steam update, there is the newNote, as of the Steam update, there is the new Tenosia faction. The Tenosia faction is only available on the Baudwyn and Askandir maps that play the attacker on Bedowyn, and defender on Askandir. You will need to be on those maps in order to play the new faction.

This should give you enough details about changing factions in a game of Chivalry 2, along with eliminating the confusion after the tutorial mission. With this done, why not check out our guide on helmets in the game

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