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Everything Revealed At State of Play 2022

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It’s that time of year again when most game companies decide to update us all on the games that they’ve got waiting in the wings. Starting off the season a little earlier than usual is Sony with State of Play 2022. There are sure to be some huge announcements, reveals, and updates on display, and you can find all of the rights here as soon as they hit the show.

How to Watch Sony’s State of Play 2022

You can catch the live stream of State of Play 2022 in a number of different places, including the official PlayStation YouTube channel as featured above. You can also catch the stream on Twitch. The show gets started at 3 PM (PT), 6 PM (ET), 23:59 (CEST), and 23:00 BST.

Everything Revealed at State of Play 2022

Below, we’ll have a list of everything revealed or updated at the event, including links to articles with more details on the biggest news and updates.

The Best Stuff from State of Play 2022

By far the two biggest reveals at State of Play 2022 were the gameplay for Final Fantasy 16 and the new look at Resident Evil 4 Remake. Both of these games are big hitters, with the Resident Evil series going through a resurgence of popularity since Resident Evil 7 broke open the flood gates. While we already knew about several of the games on the list, it was great to get some updates on them.

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