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Everything at the Devolver Digital Marketing Showcase 2022

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For years now, Devolver Digital has been completely killing the June presentation season with their anti-corporate-themed events. This year we’re doing our best to bring you the hottest news from the Marketing Showcase 2022, with all of the best reveals from the internet’s favorite indie game publisher.

Everything at the Devolver Digital Marketing Showcase 2022

You can watch live with the show above, but we’ll have a full list of all of the reveals below with links to more details of all the biggest games that were shown.

The Biggest Reveals from the Devolver Digital Marketing Showcase 2022

While the Showcase was a pretty short one, there were still a lot of wacky, meme-y antics throughout, including an appearance from famed game designer Suda 51. One of the biggest reveals was probably The Plucky Squire, a super interesting 3D platformer mixed with 2D platforming elements.

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