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Do you need PlayStation Plus to play Elden Scrolls Online?

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It’s safe to say that Elder Scrolls is still hugely popular and continues to raise the “do you need PlayStation Plus to play Elder Scrolls Online” question. With PlayStation Plus being out of many people’s price range – and with the arrival of PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium due out on June 22nd – the question has been raised yet again.

Fortunately for those that don’t want to splash out on the relatively costly PlayStation Plus package, you don’t actually need it to play Elder Scrolls Online. That’s right, you heard me, you do not need PlayStation Plus to play Elder Scrolls Online.

At the time of writing this, you do not need PlayStation Plus to play Elder Scrolls Online. Instead, you’ll have to purchase the game yourself as it is not part of the Plus subscription. Bethesda / Zenimax recently revamped how the expansions work. If you already own ESO, then you can buy the High Ilse Upgrade, or, if you’re entering for the first time, simply buy the Elder Scrolls Collection, as it features all of the game’s previous chapters and grants you access to the new High Isle expansion.

There are also the Collectors Editions that grant added deluxe digital content for you, alongside a special edition of High Isle if you want the bonus content.

Also, you sadly cannot get the subscription as part of PlayStation Plus either. The subscription is an optional addition to the game, which grants bonuses like additional account-wide bank space usage, crowns for every month you subscribe to spend on the digital shop and some other benefits. That can be purchased whenever you feel like it if you want the bonuses

One last thing, you can get your hands on ESO for free every now and then for a free-to-play weekend, It allows those who want to test the game the opportunity to do so. These tend to run around Spring time, when the end of the expansion patches has arrived, letting players see the chapter now it’s fully completed, allowing them to get hyped for what is to come in the future.

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