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Did I Buy All The Benefit Wanderful World Blushes?

Did I Buy All The Benefit Wanderful World Blushes? – Musings of a Muse

So, I did a thing.

I ordered every single shade from the new Benefit Wanderful World Blush Collection and I’ll probably regret it but they were 25% Off and I’m feeling like I don’t care at the moment! I am almost 99.9% sure I’m going to regret this purchase but I keep reminding myself how wonderful shades like Galifornia and Coralista were and it eased my anxiety that I made a horrible mistake ordering all of these. ASOS has all the shades in stock at the moment and they are 25% off with code HOLIDAY.

I’m just over here trying to relive 2009 when I first swiped Coralista on my face! There has to be at least one good shade in this collection right? RIGHT?

As may know a lot of the original Benefit Box o’ Powder shades have been discontinued. It’s pretty sad as even shades like Galifornia got axed! We now know why! Looks like Benefit was paving the way for this new big Wanderful World Blush Collection launch. There are 11 new shades one of which, Starlaa, releases later this Summer. Technically, Benefit is promoting the collection as “12 New Shades” but Dandelion is included in this launch and it’s not new by any means.


  • Moone (rich berry) (satin finish)
  • Starlaa (rosy bronze) (satin finish)
  • Willa (soft neutral rose) (satin finish)
  • Shellie (warm seashell pink) (shimmer finish)
  • Peachin (golden peach) (shimmer finish)
  • Terra (golden brick red) (shimmer finish)
  • Butterfly (golden orange) (shimmer finish)
  • Crystah (strawberry pink) (shimmer finish)
  • Java (rosy mocha) (matte finish)
  • PomPom (pomegranate rose) (matte finish)
  • Sunny (warm coral) (matte finish)

The shade I’m most excited about to try is Butterfly. I seriously look horrible in orange shades of blush but I’m always so terribly attracted to them. I have high hope I’ll find the perfect shade of orange blush one day that will work with my skin tone. Maybe Butterfly will be the one!

Some of these shades do look like they’ll be dupes for Galifornia, Bella Bamba, and Coralista! Maybe our old favorites aren’t gone completely!

I’ll be reviewing and swatching the complete Wanderful World Blush Collection when it arrives! Stay tuned.

Are you interested in hauling any of these?

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