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Diablo Immortal Ancient Nightmare and Lord Martanos guide

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When you reach the end game in Diablo Immortal, you begin to unlock end game events for each of the zones. These events are a key part of your progression through the paragon levels, which is part of the way you upgrade your gear. One such event is in the Mount Zavain area.

The one in the Mount Zavain area is called the Ancient Nightmare. Here you have to complete the event, and take on the boss of the area, Lord Martanos.

Diablo Immortal Ancient Nightmare guide

Like the Haunted Carriage in the Cemetery, the Ancient Nightmare is a very similar feature. Players who are in the area can see a countdown, presuming they are on a paragon level post level 60 with the main story done.

When the timer runs down, you can see the Ancient Nightmare event occur, with players in the area running the around to deal with it. To do so, players need to take down their shields and beat the enemy. However, you will take big damage. To beat it, you need to get shields from shrines that grant you a large shield against its damage, allowing you to jump in and beat it down. This isn’t so much a problem for Necromancers and Wizards. The Necromancer may use its summons to safely harras the enemy, while a wizard can use their long-range to beat the Ancient Nightmare down instead.

Moreso, it is easy to predict the monster’s pathing, as it seems only to patrol the centre area of the map. You shouldn’t get surprised by it randomly walking around the sone and cutting you off. Use these shrines as it begins to walk up to them as, they stun the boss, making it easier for everyone to fight. Just be wary of its long activation time.

Diablo Immortal Lord Martanos

The Ancient Nightmare is not the only threat in the region, as the lord of the land Lord Martanos spawns frequently. The lord of the land can be found around the Martanos Tomb on the map. It seems to spawn multiple times an hour, but we haven’t managed to see it spawn at set times or if there is a respawn timer once it dies.

Killing Martanos grants you an item that allows you to interact with the shrines immediately, rather than waiting for the activation from the shrines on the map It also allows you to stun the boss by activating the shrine, granting a window to unleash damage against the Ancient Madness for everyone. It is a nice addition if you’re in a coordinated clan or party who are looking to take on the event together when it spawns.

This about sums up what you can expect from the Diablo Immortal Ancient Nightmare and Lord Martanos fights.

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