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Cult Of The Lamb Demo Released, Release Date Revealed

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Cult Of The Lamb has had a brand new trailer shown off at Devolver Digital 2022. It also comes with a release date for the game!

Cult Of The Lamb Release Date

Devolver Digital showed off Cult Of The Lamb during their massive showcase, showing off the beautifully stylized game and officially announcing that a demo is currently available on Steam. The game itself is releasing on August 11th, and you can wishlist it right now on Steam. The game itself is a really fun spin on the traditional roguelike gameplay, allowing you to pick up weapons, more powers and saving people from other bosses.

What is Cult Of The Lamb?

Cult Of The Lamb is both a roguelike and a builder, taking inspiration from games such as The Binding Of Isaac. It’s up to you as a lamb to travel around various locales, building up a place for your followers to stay and figuring out how to keep your small town happy. You can download a demo right now on Steam! We’ll be getting more and more gameplay over the course of the next few months of course, but at least now we know when the game is releasing.

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