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Conan Exiles Age of Sorcery announced: New cosmetics update, sorcery and more

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Funcom has announced Conan Exiles, the Age of Sorcery update. The new update is a brand new free content expansion that adds tonnes of new features and core changes to revamp the game. Moreso, the new update is going to be free to play, as sorcery is a core part of the game’s fantasy. In addition, there is going to be a new monetization system, adding in a battle pass system alongside an in-game shop to offset the new expansion becoming free to play.

Below you will find a summary of everything mentioned in the new Conan Exiles Age of Sorcery update.

Conan Exiles Age of Sorcery – Everything we know

Below are all the basic things you need to know that is coming with the Age of Sorvery update for Conan Exiles.

Sorcery is coming to the game

Sorcery is a big part of the lore of Conan. The world is very dark yet low fantasy,m but the Sorcery is a feature in the lore of the Conan universe. The magic in the lore is supposed to be dangerous for those unskilled in magic but is powerful for those that can handle it. The feature is going to feel like lore meaning you can get some sorcery skills and use them at the range, but, being a barbarian is the foremost purpose of the game.

Sorcery is going to feel interesting, and there’s going to be a lot of exploring to find the spells and other sorcery features. Throughout the world, you will find stones and some other books and scrolls to build phrases that allow you to cast a spell, which you learn. Some of the more powerful spells also mean you need a higher level of corruption, which means sacrificing total health and stamina, such as the flying bat demon, or building a giant ice bridge to cross gaps or even bypass walls. Other plays can knock flying bat players off with arrows or destroy the ice bridge by hitting it.

Moreso, the sorcery feature is going to be moddable, so you can change your own sorcery mechanics or even add more spells you want in the game. Especially if you want to play a full mage character in a new save.

Other major gameplay updates

Most of the information we got is from the Q/A dev stream, which was hosted on the Funcom Twitch account. The VOD should be available based on the 21 June if you’re interested in watching everything yourself.

Illusions – A transmog system that allows you to wear better gear and still take the appearance of other gear if you want it. You need a thaumaturge bench to enable illusions, along with the skin changes restricted to skins being of the same weapon, so you cannot reskin a shortsword in a giant axe, for example.

Corruption – Corruption alters the physical being and gains access to special perks. You can use corruption to improve other aspects of your usual attribute perks and to enhance your build if you plan on taking the risks that come with corruption. It also adds more ability to use more dangerous or more evil spells.

Attributes and perks are also reworked to help balance and adapt to poorer or the most overpowered perks. This largely adjusts to the corruption mechanism, but it also adapts some of the weaker perks in the game to make new builds more exciting to try.

Building system – a new building system designed to help players use controllers to make it easier to build the game and manage for controller players, and feel better for PC players.

Creative mode – Creative mode will be added to the game, which is essentially a new game mode rather than using console commands. Players can full-on design their own bases and build their perfect RP map. You will also get a god mode and be able to fly to easy place buildings down.

Weapon-dependent stats – Weapon stats have changed, with dexterity and strength-based weapon damage for certain items. It means you can specifically focus your attributes on certain stats for certain weapons, rather than being forced to go strength for attack damage for all melee weapons for example.

In addition, there is a damage multiplayer for certain weapons against mounted units. For example, the spear and lance get bonus damage to mounted units, adding a reason to use those weapons in those situations. There’s also general balancing for weapons to make weaker weapons better, alongside confirmation these damage modifiers will be altered in server settings for altered servers.

Base balancing – Tier 2 is now a more efficient base building unit which is now cheaper. It should allow players who get their T3 base attacked and destroyed. It means players should be able to get a new base back up and functional, allowing them to rebuild for T3 later. There is also now door HP and some adjusted bridge hp and more.

Battle Pass and microtransactions update

Image pulled from the Funcom stream.

Conan Exiles is getting a new battle pass feature with plenty of thematic content relating to the free expansion update. The battle pass works like a typical one, with free levels, regular levels, and a premium upgrade, all of which last for 90 days before a new one begins.

There will be daily challenges, which players can complete to get battle pass exp or outright levels. These are going to be quick challenges they can do to make it easy to contribute, alongside bonuses XP for catch-up features. You can also complete the battle pass in private, modded, official and single-player servers.

In addition, the battle pass offers 12 free items and 60 paid-for items. These items and unlocks tend to feature a variety of cosmetics based on the look of the new expansion in the game. In this instance, there will be a sorcerer or another form of magic-themed cosmetics.

There is also a Black Lotus Bazaar, which is the name of the new in-game shop. The idea behind the shop is to offer players the ability to buy cosmetic items like they could through the paid DLC of old, such as the dragon pack. The shop will also have a timer, but these are just storefront feature timers, and all items will be in the shop regardless of the timer, so you can buy any store item as and when you want. 

New weapons and armor will be available in the shop, but they are novelty items with similar stat weights to the tier items already in the game, such as Iron Tier and Starmetal Tier items. There is no pay to win armour or weapons in the game.

Conan Exiles Age of Sorcery release date window revealed

The intent of the new Conan Exiles Age of Sorcery update is intended to launch at the same time for PC and console in Q3 2022. Sadly, we do not have an official release date, only the release window. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on the official Conan Exiles social media accounts and forums.

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