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Clash Royale’s June 2022 Balance Patch is Now Live

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Clash Royale just received a major update where multiple cards got some balance changes. Mother Witch, Electro Giant, and a few other cards got some massive buffs while The Log, Royal Ghost, and other cards got toned down a little. Here is a quick breakdown of the new Clash Royale balance update.

Mother Witch Receives Massive Buffs

The last balance change caused her use and win rates to plummet. This buff counters the previous Hitpoints nerf with a DPS increase, allowing her to churn out those Cursed Hogs even faster which is someone many players requested. Her hit speed is now 9% faster while her first hit is a massive 25% faster.

Barbarian Receives Hit Speed Buff

Barbarian, Battle Ram, Barbarian Hut, and Barbarian Barrel have all been a little underwhelming for a long time and they received a solid universal 7% hit speed buff in the new update. The above-mentioned cards have all been on the weaker side for a while, however, the Barb Barrel has been solid. Now with the Barrel range nerf there’s an opportunity to buff all 4 Barbarian cards in the game and hopefully bring their use/win rate up a bit.

The Log Finally Gets Nerfed

This piece of sentient wood has been the most used card in the game for a long time because of its versatility and power. The time has come for it to receive a nerf after dominating the meta for weeks. The devs have decided to keep its knockback ability as it was but reduced its Crown Tower Damage. This means that it still keeps its Legendary knockback status whilst still being able to defeat log bait. 

The trade-off is that it won’t be able to deal as much Crown Tower Damage as other spells. It is a great change as The Log will continue to be powerful even after the nerfs. The removal of its knockback ability may have been too harsh of a nerf and the developers do not want to make any drastic balance changes to The Log as of now.

The new balance patch will shake up the meta as some of the most dominant cards got hit with some severe nerfs and it will be interesting to see how players adapt to the changes moving forward. If you want to view all of the changes, the official patch notes can be viewed here. If you want to know more about the 20 Win challenge in Clash Royale, you can view our breakdown of the rewards here.

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