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Charlotte Tilbury Quick & Easy Looks

Charlotte Tilbury launched five instant-look sets in her new Quick and Easy Collection. These are kit trios with cream twist up sticks packaged in a mirrored cases for busy women on-the-go. I was intrigued by the concept and ordered a few. There are five color variations total. Kits are priced at $75 each but each component is available separately as a refill ($27 for the highlighter, $20 for the eye wand, $27 for the lip + cheek wand, $20 for the case). All available online at Charlotte Tilbury.

Each kit has 1 Easy Lip and Cheek Wand, 1 Easy Eye Wand and 1 Easy Highlighter Wand. While doing some research on the colors I found that while there are 5 different Easy Lip & Cheek Wands and 5 Easy Eye Wands, the Easy Highlighter Wand is available in 2 colors.

Charlotte Tilbury Quick and Easy Looks

on the nails: Dior Vernis Bayadere 633 

I bought 3 kits and 2 refills. After playing around with these I have mixed thoughts. I love the concept and the colors are beautiful. The packaging is clever and super convenient for on-the-go whether you want to throw it into your purse or travel. Quality and color payoff of the products is excellent. Here are my thoughts on each product.

The Easy Lip and Cheek Wands are really nice! I liked them more than I thought I would. I usually don’t like products that are for both lip + cheek because I find them either too dewy or too dry. These work for both. Swiping on the lips gives you medium to full color payoff. Finish on the cheeks is more subtle once you blend it out. Not 100% matte, still a little creamy, but not super emollient.

The Easy Highlighter Wands come in two colors and if you’re a fan of the dewy highlighter look they’re really nice. They don’t have a dry down and remain dewy but I wouldn’t call them quite as dewy as the Chanel Baume Essentiels. On my skin these have a nice shimmer glow without glitter or frost.

My thoughts on the Easy Eye Wands are mixed. Pros: once they set they are budge-proof, colors are buildable and easy to blend (but you have to work quickly), color selection is nice! Cons: a single shade isn’t enough for a complete eye look, product is a little bit dry so there is a bit of tugging on the skin but once you warm it up it’s easier to work with, product size is very small.

Onto a look at the kits! Swatches below:

Charlotte Tilbury Quick and Easy swatches

Pretty Fresh

I bought the refills for the Pretty Fresh Look with just the Easy Eye Wand and Easy Lip & Cheek Wand. On my skin the Pretty Fresh eye color is a neutral champagne shimmer that pretty much matches my eye lid color so it was nearly invisible once blended. In the look below I added the Easy Eye Wand in Golden Glow.

Pretty Fresh Lip & Cheek is a pretty vibrant coral pink. I think it’s fun and fresh for summer. I also added the Easy Highlighter Wand in Chic Glow which is a pale opal shimmer. Skin-tone wise I’m wearing the Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Foundation in Shade 7 now.

Charlotte Tilbury Quick and Easy Pretty Fresh

Charlotte Tilbury Quick and Easy Pretty Fresh

Charlotte Tilbury Quick and Easy Pretty Fresh


Date Night

Date Night has a stunning mauve pink shimmer for the eye wand. The cheek is a neutral pink color. This set also has Chic Glow for the highlighter but in this look I did not apply it.

Charlotte Tilbury Quick and Easy Date Night

Charlotte Tilbury Quick and Easy Date Night


Golden Glow

Golden Glow has a golden copper shimmer for the eye stick and a soft peach coral shade for the cheeks. The Golden Glow highlighter wand is a pale yellow gold shimmer.

Charlotte Tilbury Quick and Easy Golden Glow

Charlotte Tilbury Quick and Easy Golden Glow



Sun-Kissed has a warm pink rose eye shade and a plum-pink blush. This one also has the Golden Glow Highlighter in the kit.

Charlotte Tilbury Quick and Easy Sun-Kissed

Charlotte Tilbury Quick and Easy Sun-Kissed

Overall Thoughts

I love the concept and the quality is on point. However I don’t think these are going to give you a “complete” look unless you’re more of a minimalist and want just a subtle pop of color to refresh your look. These kits will cover the basics and I think they’re great for a quick and easy look. As much as I love a simple eye look I find I still need 3 colors for the eyes. Another downside is the price. I think the price points are fairly steep given the size.

I like that you can buy the individual shades. The compact is clever and holds everything in place so product doesn’t get lost in your bag. Individuals also come with caps so the product is sealed. Overall I really love the Lip & Cheek Shades. I think they’re nice for that quick and easy look for both the lips and cheeks. All the colors I tried are super wearable and have good color payoff.

If you were looking for swatches and a review I hope you found this post helpful! I don’t know that I can call them must-haves. I like the concept, quality is great and I will use them.

You can find these available at Charlotte Tilbury right now. Have you checked these out? What did you think?

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I hauled the new Beautiful Skin Sun-Kissed Glow Bronzers in Light and Medium + the Bronzing Brush. Will be reviewing soon!


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