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Can You Prolong The Effect Of Cosmetic Facial Injectables

The legendary fountain of youth we are all dreaming about could well come inside a small syringe. Indeed, filler treatments like dermal fillers and botox are some of the most popular rejuvenating techniques on the market and some of the least intrusive too. Can you stop time? Hell, yes, you can, and you can even reverse it a little.

Unfortunately, it’s no permanent anti-aging remedy, and the syringe-packed fountain of youth is short-lived. You may add a little volume here and there or correct those pesky frowning lines that tend to appear on the forehead, but you need to keep up with maintenance treatments to maintain your appearance.

As a rule of thumb, Botox clients tend to plan their appointment every 2 to 3 months, while dermal fillers last longer. Enthusiasts can often wait between 6 and 18 months (or sometimes even longer) between appointments.

The question everybody is asking is: How Can I Make Make Botox And Filler Results Last Longer?

Seek Reliable Cosmetic Injectables
Want to make your Botox or dermal filler last longer? Here’s how you can
achieve the best results and keep them for as long as possible. First you want to look for renowned products that are lasting and creating a natural-looking result. Some of the best facial injectable services prioritize brands such as Juvederm and Revanesse Versa, which have shown some of the most long-lasting results.

You may find cheap alternatives online, such as a salon that promises to do injectable treatments at a bargain cost or even black market injectables. Don’t let price be a decisive factor. Specialist centers, board-certified plastic surgeons, and trained injectors will discuss these injectable fillers with you in person. Anything that is suspiciously low may put you at risk:

  • An untrained contractor may perform the cosmetic treatments
  • The products used are below standards
  • The products used may not be safe for injecting under your skin

Also an untrained injector can make other mistakes that can cause a frozen botox face along with other problems because of:

  • The wrong location of the injection
  • Incorrect injection dosage
  • Using the wrong type of neurotoxin or filler for your body type
ways to make botox and filler results last longer, Barbies Beauty Bits

Reduce Aging Routines At Home
Putting your skin under pressure can affect how your injectables look and feel in the long term. So, it’s essential to reduce everyday habits that can speed up the aging process, dry out your skin and increase lines and wrinkle risks, such as:

  • Low humidity levels at home
  • Beddings that make you sweat all night
  • Sleeping on a cotton pillow
  • Hot showers
  • A high amount of particles in the indoor air
  • Over sun exposure
  • Over active athletic people will metabolize both toxin and filler more quickly

To prevent these issues that can lead to your injectable breaking down faster. It can be helpful to bring new elements to your home. For instance, an air moisture sensor and an air humidifier can tackle moisture levels. 

Poor bedding choices will increase skin dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles, so you want to look for top-quality cooling bedding. Along with an anti-aging pillow! And my favorite, an air purifier will be a neat addition to cleanse your indoor air and reduce the presence of harmful particles.

Best anti-aging pillow for wrinkles blogger barbies beauty bits

Improve Skin Health And Skincare
Injectables are under your skin, acting as facial volume pockets or soothing muscles, and they do not actively improve your skin health. So, it is essential to maintain your skincare routine, including sunscreen protection, moisturizing products, hyaluronic acids, and regular exfoliating.

Your diet can also boost skin health, especially food rich in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamin E, etc. And do not forgot to take some vitmains, like Zinc. Taking zinc supplements regularly after Botox treatment may prolong its anti-aging effects.

It may also, be a good idea to talk to your dermatologist about your diet and ask for recommendations.

Can cosmetic injectables last forever? Unfortunately, the answer is no. However, you can take preventive measures to keep them for a more extended period of time. From working with an expert to adopting skin-protecting routines, who says your syringed-based fountain of youth should disappear overnight?

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