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Burger King Japan Is Swapping Fries With Ramen Amid Potato Shortage

  • Burger King restaurants in Japan are running low on potatoes, so they’re asking customers to swap out their side of fries.
  • Staff are offering patrons ramen instead of french fries amid the potato shortage, CBS News reports.
  • Burger King calls the meal — which includes a burger with a side of crunchy ramen noodles — the “almost-potato set.”

Burger King restaurants in Japan are running low on potatoes to make French fries, so they’re asking customers to swap for a different side instead: ramen.

The fast food restaurants have started selling what Burger King is calling the “almost-potato set,” CBS News reported. Instead of a classic burger and french fries, the meal comes with a burger and a side of crunchy ramen noodles.

Some customers aren’t too thrilled about the switch. 

“If Burger King had only crunchy ramen, maybe I’d just go to McDonald’s,” one person told CBS. 

Before deciding on crunchy ramen, Burger King also considered boiled ramen, broiled squid, and apple pie as substitutes for the fries, according to CBS. Burger King operates more than 150 restaurants in Japan.

Other fast food companies have also dealt with their own shortages in recent months, thanks to factors like supply chain disruptions and higher-than-expected demand. Most recently, Taco Bell said it was experiencing a shortage of ingredients for its Mexican Pizza after recently bringing back the mega-popular item.


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