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Black Voices in Gaming Show 2022

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The non-profit organization Black Voices in Gaming hosted their annual Black Voices in Gaming stream event on June 8, which showcased the efforts of the black game development community. Hosted by Destinee Cleveland and Derrick Fields, the two talked to several game developers about their upcoming projects and showcased a variety of trailers.

Demos and Interviews from Black Voices in Gaming

First up, Cleveland and Fields talked to Adam Kareem, the mind behind Protodroid DeLTA, a Megaman-inspired 3D platformer. Targeting a Q1 2023 release date, Kareem revealed that the game is now going to be published by HumbleGames. Funded by the Black Game Development Fund, he said that it was important to him for the game to have a black female protagonist and expressed how happy he was that his daughter was already connected to the character.

Next up was a preview of Ninjaman and the Six Gold Chains by Scott Popular. As he described it, “The world needs a bit more love, and ninjas disperse love the best.” With an Atlanta/Tokyo blend of influences, Ninjaman is definitely different, and Popular even disclosed that every person who has worked on the game is included as a character in it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have an expected release date yet.

Also shown off was 5 Force Fighters, a fighting game by Beloved, who revealed that he worked on it with his brother. Khalief Adams, the host of the Spawn on Me podcast, also stopped by to talk to Cleveland and Fields. He emphasized the importance of black voices being heard in gaming. “This is our moment in time to see ourselves in spaces that we aren’t normally asked to be in,” said Cleveland.

The final game to be demoed by Black Voices in Gaming was Arbiter by Jordan Scott, the mind behind RWBY: Grimm Eclipse. Influenced by the Kingdom Hearts and Devil May Cry series, as well as a host of anime, Scott described the game as taking place in a Naruto-inspired Western environment. In the footage shown, Arbiter seems to have gameplay similar to Grimm Eclipse.

The show concluded with a number of trailers for upcoming games: Onsen Master, Grid Force Mask of the Goddess, El Paso Elsewhere, BPM Boy, and Samurai Zero. All trailers are available for viewing on the Black Voices in Gaming website.

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