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Black Friday DDR5 RAM deals 2022

It’s time to jump into the next generation with these DDR5 Black Friday RAM deals

Updated: Sep 30, 2022 5:00 pm

haven’t you heard? DDR5 RAM is the future.

DDR5 RAM is fast becoming the new way to upgrade your system but if you are planning on running a Ryzen 7000 or Intel 12th/13th gen system, then you’re going to want to pair one of these Black Friday DDR5 RAM deals with it.

DDR5 RAM is capable of over double the performance of its predecessor, all while utilizing less voltage. This tends to mean these kits can cost a fortune, enter Black Friday.

Best DDR5 RAM deals 2022

DDR5 RAM has started to see a price drop with certain retailers already. This bodes well for those waiting to get the best possible deal in the run-up to Black Friday, as building a new-generation system obviously requires a lot of cash.

Where to buy the best DDR5 RAM Black Friday deals

When the DDR5 RAM deals start rolling out, most big retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg, and everyone else will likely offer similar discounts.

When will DDR5 RAM Black Friday deals start in 2022?

Black Friday is the 25th of November, however, it will likely start before this date.

We normally see some retailers lower prices one week all the way up to one month in advance.

Many retailers are already dropping prices on select DDR5 RAM kits but we like to think the best will also come down in price as we approach Black Friday.

How to get the best DDR5 RAM Black Friday deals

There is a mixture of affordable and premium AM5 cooling options but both types usually receive a good discount on Black Friday.

This isn’t to say Black Friday deals for AM5 coolers are guaranteed but with discounts already starting to show, we think it is likely to get better.

To give yourself the best chance as we approach Black Friday, add items to your wishlist, track pricing, and save the biggest retailers such as Amazon and Best buy as bookmarks.

As deals go live over the coming months, we are going to be updating this page with fresh shop links, helping you get the cooler you need before others.

DDR5 RAM features to look out for this Black Friday

You will likely need to upgrade your motherboard but double check! Assuming you are looking at picking up the latest generation of processors, they now look to support DDR5 exclusively. that said, if you are getting say a 12th gen intel chip, there are some motherboards that support DDR4.

Get 16GB! Unless you are on the strictest budget ever,16GB is considered the sweet spot, especially for gaming.

DDR5 RAM Black Friday FAQs

Does RAM go on sale on Black Friday?

Yes, every year RAM goes on sale during the Black Friday event.

Will DDR5 RAM prices go down?

We are already starting to see prices drop on DDR5 RAM kits, so it is possible they could go further.

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