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Best Xbox headset for Series X/S 2022


Cross compatible pcik

SteelSeries Arctis 9X Wireless Gaming Headset

How we test

At present, we utilize a range of real-world tests for gaming headsets, we use them for as long as possible, listening to music, playing a variety of games, and other general content consumption. We also take a dive into the software (where applicable) to mess with the EQ settings, lighting, and any other features the headset in question has.

Additionally, we take particular note of how good (or bad in some cases) the audio quality the headset produces, so we subject the headset to various different types of music. This allows us to get an idea of the bass, mids, and highs. This means we know where the headset’s limits are and how good the sound quality is for different genres and listening experiences overall.

We then test the mic, usually via simply playing games, noting what teammates think of the quality and how well communication is upheld. We also do a brief recording test to see how it functions in a real-world environment. This allows us to hear how effective the noise cancelation is, and how much vocal clarity is retained. (Bear in mind that it will sound drastically different after going through a VoIP program like Discord or Teamspeak).

What to consider when choosing the best Xbox headset for Series X/S

This is a pretty perilous product category, as even the best gaming headsets can vary a lot in terms of quality, reliability, and audio fidelity. So, in order to make a good purchase decision and avoid painful buyer’s remorse, there are a few key areas for consideration. The most important ones are price, comfort, build quality, and audio fidelity. Other areas, for example, design are technically less important, but this varies from person to person so we’ll do our best to keep this variance in mind. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to be thinking about.


Annoyingly, the price of gaming headsets is generally very inflated far past reasonable levels. This is a result of the inevitable ‘gamer tax’ that helps bolster the price of technology that would otherwise be priced quite low. So, it’s worth shopping about to see the differences in price between your shortlist of headsets. Additionally, we’ve seen prices fluctuate by up to ~30% on the same headsets for Xbox depending on the vendor in question. This means that even when you’ve settled on your next gaming headset, it’s worth looking at the different vendors localized to your region as there’s a decent chance that you could save a buck.


Given that you’ve landed on this page, we’re willing to bet that you’re going to spend more time wearing the headset than you’d like to admit. This presents an issue as companies continue to churn out headsets that become irritating after an hour of use. The most common culprits for this irritation are the headset’s weight, the clamping force being too strong or too weak, and the ear cushions becoming too hot after a short period. Additionally, some companies skimp on the padding, which created uneven pressure on the user’s head.

Build quality

As mentioned earlier, the prices of gaming headsets can repeatedly reach truly unreasonable levels on the regular. So you’ll probably end up paying a bit more than you’d like, so you’ve got to make sure the build quality is up to scratch. Some aspects of headset design that can be symptomatic or poor build quality are overuse of plastic, creaks or rattles, and loose fittings. Loose fittings are typically found at pivot points of the head around the earcups or the adjustment mechanism on the headband.

Audio fidelity

This is a tricky one, as everyone has different preferences when it comes to audio. Generally speaking, we’re looking for a wide frequency response that doesn’t favor one area over another too much. However, there is a caveat to this for gaming headsets as it’s actually preferable to have a little extra bass as it helps to amp up the impact of gunshots, explosions, and other classic video game audio.

However, many gaming headsets overblown the bass to such an extent that the mids and highs suffer. Additionally, as headphones and headsets use dynamic drivers, the mix can get muddled at higher volumes, so it’s helpful to have a headset that performs well at low volumes so you can mostly avoid this problem.

Mic quality

The mic is what separates headsets from headphones, and as the defining factor, it has to perform. If it doesn’t you run the risk of miscommunication, gameplay losses, and the inevitable verbal abuse as a result of your accidental insolence. Most good gaming headsets these days have noise-canceling technology that helps filter out background noise, particularly keystrokes, mouse-clicking, and gross snacking sounds. Some more budget-oriented gaming headsets don’t have noise-canceling mics, but the background noise can be mitigated to an extent by VoIP programs like Discord and Teamspeak, however, it’s still preferable to have native noise-canceling.


This is so subjective that we have no set rules for reviewing this, but if you’re concerned about the overall looking of your PC gaming setup, then some energy should be devoted to considering the aesthetic and color scheme of your new gaming headset. Happily, they often have a few different options to go for, with the bare minimum typically being a black or white colorway.

The best Xbox headsets for Series X/S

ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Gaming Headset