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Best standing desks of 2022

The best standing desks are perfect for any home office. Consider the alternative: no matter how much research you do ahead of time, there’s simply no way to ascertain how comfortable — or how cramped — a traditional office desk may be until you try it out yourself for a few weeks. And in order to do that, somebody (probably you) needs to assemble a damn desk in your abode. This can be a daunting task, and an exercise in frustration if you get your measurements wrong. Call me crazy, but there are only so many hours of blood, sweat, and tears a person can put into a 300-pound Wayfair purchase before Consumer Stockholm Syndrome inevitably sets in. Enter the best standing desks of 2022.

The best standing desks: standing vs. sitting

As a freelance writer, I’ve never felt truly comfortable behind any of my post-collegiate desks. Turns out, I’ve been using the wrong kind of writing desk my entire life; standing and sit-stand desks are far healthier for my lanky frame. But regardless of your height, standing desks are an absolute investment in your long-term health, and a much better workspace for your laptop.

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