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Best Mini LED TV 2022: top picks & news


Best mini LED TV for PS5

Sony X95K

Why you should buy a mini LED TV?

Mini LED TVs are packed with features and benefits that competing LED and OLED technologies can’t match. It doesn’t matter whether you want a TV for home entertainment, gaming, or general movie consumption, a mini LED TV should suit almost any scenario.

In this section, we’ll be going over all the main factors that you should consider when choosing a mini LED TV.

More local dimming zones

The number one feature of mini LED TVs is their support for FALD (full-array local dimming). The name mini LED comes from the design of the diodes used in the backlight technology. The LEDs in mini LED are much smaller than generic LED backlights, giving them much better contrast control.

Mini LED Backlight tech

Whereas LED TVs offer up hundreds of local dimming zones, mini LED TVs increase that number to the thousands. Support for more local dimming zones results in a far better HDR experience – as the TV can display peak brightness directly next to deep blacks without blooming occurring.

local dimming zones

While this is a great feature to have, the new design does add a premium to the cost of your TV – making mini-LED TVs some of the most expensive in today’s market.

Nanocell vs QLED

High peak brightness

One of the major issues with OLED panel technology is its underwhelming peak brightness. Fortunately, as mini LED TVs use large, powerful backlights, they don’t fall victim to the same issues.

Mini-LED TVs are some of the brightest displays out there, making them great for daytime viewing and general content consumption. High peak brightness is also excellent for HDR performance, adding extra layers of vibrance to the visual experience.

Excellent color accuracy

Another feature of mini-LED TVs is their excellent ability to display realistic color reproduction. The high peak brightness and wide color gamut these TVs come equipped with work seamlessly to create an incredibly true-to-life experience.

While not all mini LED TVs feature QD (Quantum Dot) technology, most of the modern options do – allowing them to reach new levels of vibrancy and realism.

No risk of burn-in

Burn-in is an ever-growing issue that faces modern OLED TVs. Fortunately, mini LED TVs don’t fall victim to it, meaning you don’t have to worry about leaving a TV show on pause or playing games that feature permanent HUDs.

Better yet, due to the characteristic nature of these LED TVs, we know that lifespan shouldn’t be a problem either – with their robust design continuing to stand the test of time.

mini-LED vs OLED

Latest TV news & arrivals

“The Sony A95K will launch in the US in the next couple of months, priced at $3,000 for the 55-inch variant and $4,000 for the 65-inch. Canadian consumers won’t have to wait quite as long, with pre-orders now live with expected arrivals sometime this month (May). Despite UK pricing still yet to surface, a price leak from John Lewis has suggested a £2,699 starting price – lining up nicely with the US official price announcement.”

Best mini LED TV in 2022

Samsung QN95A

Samsung QN95A