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Best indie games that aren’t on Steam

If you are a PC gamer who is tired of the same old games on Steam and Epic Games Store, look no further as we present the best indie games that aren’t on Steam. We are living in an age where there are countless games available to us. Yet, the major storefronts present only a fraction of what games are out there. 

Despite not being on large storefronts, many of these creators are still spending a lot of their time creating work and deserve to be rightfully compensated. Unlike larger storefronts, a lot of the pages for games you find on this list will offer the option to pay what you want for them. While this lets you play many of these games for free, consider how much it would help a creator work on their next project if you decide to pay for their work. For other methods to support these devs, I suggest checking out game bundles such as the Queer Games Bundle 2022, Indiepocalypse, Locally Sourced, and others. 

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