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Best In Shower Body Lotions and Moisturizer – April 2022 Reviews and Top Picks

Why In-Shower Lotions Deserve a Place in Your Bathing Routine

If you are suffering from dry skin, these best lotions for dry skin should definitely be a part of your daily routine.

However, research shows it is best to moisturize skin right after taking a bath. Applying lotion to damp skin allows it to lock in more moisture to keep it hydrated the whole day.

Which makes a lot of sense. But if you’d still rather stick to your good ol’ lotion, here are 3 more reasons that might change your mind.

They Allow You to Save Time

Moisturization should be part of any regimen and in-shower lotions allow you to skip that step. With it, you can immediately hydrate the skin without needing to dry yourself off.

Using them is Pretty Simple

Normally, we would first towel-dry ourselves first before stepping out of the shower to apply a moisturizer. With in shower lotions, you can get to hard-to-reach areas easily and mess-free.

Just make sure to wash the bathroom floor to avoid any accidents.

They are Really Effective

You might think they’re not working since they just slip off your skin, but that’s not the case. In-shower lotions are formulated to work with water to provide moisturization even as you get dry.

This results in soft and smooth skin that lasts throughout the day.

Which Moisturizes My Skin More: Lotions or Oils?

Constant moisturization is an effective way to “turn back the hands of time” especially now that we’re not getting any younger. But moisturizers are often divided into two: lotions and oils.

Which got us thinking: are they just the same or is the other superior? We list down the benefits below to help you decide which one works better for your skin.


So as you can see, both of them are pretty much the same. But if you’d ask us, we’d go for oils since they don’t have a shelf life, are ideal for all skin types, and contain no fillers.

Just look for oils that are “cold-pressed” to ensure you’re getting all of the healthy stuff.


If in shower lotions still aren’t a part of your daily bathing routine, you’re missing out a lot. Aside from being time savers, they’re a whole lot better than their regular counterparts.

This is why we chose the Ultra Moisture In-Shower Body Lotion by Olay as the best shower lotion & moisturizer. It promises to improve skin texture by up to 60% in just 5 days of daily use.

This rinse-off in shower lotion is infused with Shea Butter that helps boost collagen production. It is also loaded with Olay moisturizers to keep skin so soft and radiant.

Best of all, it is very affordable. This drugstore item can easily fit into anyone’s budget so there’s no excuse to not have one in your shower.

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