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Benefit Floratint Lip & Cheek Stain Review & Swatches

Benefit Floratint Lip & Cheek Stain is a new desert rose shaded cheek and lip stain that Benefit Cosmetics released for Summer 2022. Thankfully, this is part of the permanent Benefit Collection (at least for now) because I don’t think I can live without this one.

When I say run I truly mean RUN and grab this as soon as possible. For those that hate Benetint and have had issues with application or felt the shade was simply too red you are going to adore Benefit Floratint! She’s gorgeous! Perfect for Summer.

You need her!

Ok, first off, someone tell me when did Benefit stop creating larger sizes of the cheek and lip stains? It’s been a while since I purchased one but aside from Benetint the only size they offer now is 0.2 oz for $18 versus the old 0.33 oz for $30! I was surprised at the size! As with all of the tints this comes in a cut little metallic bottle with a scalloped topper and a sponge tip applicator.

The shade is divine. Simply divine. It’s a warm desert rose that goes so amazingly well with my skin tone. The shade is absolute perfection and one of Benefit’s best shades to date in my opinion. It has a milk-like consistency so not the liquid version of Benetint. This makes it easier to apply and blend without it setting quickly. One of Benetint’s biggest downfalls is you apply a few dots and it doesn’t quite blend correctly and you end up look a bit blotchy. Not the case with this formula. It blends out beautifully leaving behind seamless, natural coverage. The shade mimics that of a day in the sun. It creates that warm, pretty flush that you’d get if you forgot your SPF. The shade is simply perfection in my opinion and works incredibly well on my skin tone (light-medium with a peach undertone). I’m a little tan now too as as much sunscreen I apply it doesn’t prevent my skin from naturally getting darker when I’m out.

It wears all day long without wearing away and with a little gold highlighter on top it really pops. It’s a perfect natural stain if you’re going to be sitting by the pool or beach as you can just wear this and it’ll last all day. On Saturday I popped this one with a bit of concealer, curled my lashes, put on mascara, and I was looking natural and perfect. The shade just works so well for a pretty Summer flush! Best of all it looks just as natural and pretty on my lips as it does on my cheeks.

Do you need it?

Absolutely! This one I’m Musing Approving!

Loving it!

Benefit Floratint is available now.

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