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Bath & Body Works Bubble Gum Pop Fragrance Mist Review & Swatches

As you may know, Bath & Body Works Bubble Gum Pop Fine Fragrance Mist is one of three limited-edition fragrances that launched for Summer 2022 in celebration of the Semi-Annual Sale. Bath and Body Works has been doing never-before-scene fragrances for the last few Semi-Annual Sales like Strawberry Soda! I gotta admit that I’m here for it.

Needless to say when I heard they were doing a bubble gum scented fragrance mist I didn’t walk to the store. Nope, this demanded I run to a store. Sadly, it was a blind buy as I couldn’t smell it in-store since they didn’t have a tester. Even more sad news is the fact that it only comes in a mist and a body wash. There’s no lotion available that I know of.

But, hey, it’s bubble gum what could go wrong?

So, this is growing on me very, very slowly. It’s not the scent I expected. I was expecting sweet pink bubble gum and if you spray it enough times you’ll get that but at first my nose was simply not picking up on it.

It contains notes of gumball sugar, candied fruits, and citrus burst. Personally, I think the citrus ruins the entire bubble gum vibe. When you first mist it you’ll get really fun pink bubble gum. When I was kid my dad was a lover of the Mets (still is actually) and he passed that love onto me growing up. I remember he got me obsessed with collecting baseball cards. It was my mission to have a complete team of cards with all the Mets players. He’d buy me a pack every week and of course, the stale bubblegum would lay beneath the cards. Because who doesn’t want a stick of hard-ass gum which was tucked into a set of cards that was handled by who knows….it was a joy of childhood sticking that entire piece in my mouth and nearly chipping a tooth while chomping down on it. Needless to say, the thing I remember the most was that delicious, sugary scent. The gum may have been stale but it still smelled just like what I associate pink smells like. Have you ever put a smell to a color? For example, when I see purple I instantly think it smells like grapes! When I see pink, I think bubblegum!

Bath and Body Works Bubble Gum Pop gives those sweet, sugary pink bubblegum vibes at first mist. The only thing is a bit of citrus and fruitiness creeps into the scent as it settles onto my skin and it ruins that beautiful pink bubblegum note.

Ok, so, there is some good news here. I’ve been using it since Saturday and I’m noticing the more I use it the more I’m getting that hit of bubblegum. I think my nose has become immune to the other notes at this point and I only smell bubblegum as it dries down. But be warned, the first time you use it I think you’ll notice it smells a bit oddly off and gets ruined by the other notes in the blend. But this seems to go away with each use. I’m either odd or I’m just getting used to ignoring the other notes in the blend.

I will happily rant to you that the fact it isn’t available in a body lotion or cream is super disappointing! But hey, as a gourmand lover, I’m just happy to have something that smells like bubble gum from Bath and Body Works.

It’s a fun little scent for Summer but as with all Bath and Body Works the scent fades very quickly which is why a matching lotion would have been great.

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