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AMD RDNA 3 – release date, price, and specifications

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PC components have relatively short life cycles and we’re nearly two years since the current graphics cards were released. So we do expect the next-gen to release sometime soon, in particular, we look at AMD RDNA 3 release date, price, and specifications.

Since there is no official news we have corroborated the leaks and rumors surrounding the products. As well as combining what we know from previous releases and applying it to the next.

So for RDNA 3, we expect the next range of RX 7000 series GPUs. Improving upon the RX 6000 series that finally brought Radeon up against Nvidia. We do expect even more improvements and close calls between the two. But with the RTX 4000 series, there is a lot of excitement to expect to see which graphics cards will come out on top.

AMD RDNA 3 release date

The current speculation towards the AMD RDNA 3 release date is September 2022. Or at least during the second half of the year. From previous releases, we can see any patterns in its releases. RDNA 2 was released sooner than expected but brought better performance increases. But two years on we expect RDNA 3 to come out in September/October time.

  • Vega 10 – August 2017
  • RDNA 1 – July 2019
  • RDNA 2 – October 2020

We’re at least certain they’ll come before the end of 2022. As in its earning call, it did show off its gaming GPU roadmap. With the RDNA lineup showing the advanced RDNA 3 node in 2022.

AMD RDNA 3 architecture

Further improving upon the RDNA 2 architecture the RDNA 3 architecture has a couple of differences. One adjustment is the manufacturing process it will be utilizing. From an employee’s LinkedIn update. It shows them working on Navi31, 32, and 33 projects. These are made with 5&6nm, 5&6nm, and 6nm respectively., most likely from TSMC again.

It does suggest that the higher-end choices are on a smaller node. While also listing two processes it could suggest they are using an MCM design. Similar to what it offers in its Aldebaran data center accelerators.

AMD RDNA 3 specifications

Combining multiple sources of information from reliable leakers. However, without confirmation, it is still down to change. AMD also seems to have more information locked down with less coming out. Although that may be the potential date differences between the releases.

Navi 31 Navi 32 Navi 33
Fabrication TSMC 5nm + 6nm TSMC 5nm + 6nm TSMC 6nm
Architecture RDNA 3 RDNA 3 RDNA 3
GPU package Multi-chip-module Multi-chip-module Monolithic
Configuration 1x GCD + 6x MCD 1x GCS + 4x MCD TBC
Shader engines 6 4 2
Shader arrays 12 8 4
RDNA workgroups 48 32 16
Compute units 96 64 32
Stream processors 12,288 8,192 4,096
GPU clock ~3.0 GHz TBC TBC
Memory 24GB GDDR6 16GB GDDR6 8GB GDDR6
Memory bus 384-bit 256-bit 128-bit
Memory bandwidth 18 Gbps (864 GB/s) 18 Gbps (576 GB/s) 18 Gbps (288 GB/s)
Infinity cache 384 MB 256 MB 128 MB
PCIe interface Gen 5 Gen 5 Gen 5
Release Q3/Q4 2022 Q3/Q4 2022 Q1 2023
FP32 performance ~73 TFLOPS TBC TBC

AMD RDNA 3 price

With the recent silicon shortage and news that TSMC may be increasing pricing, we wouldn’t be surprised that the MSRP increases across generations. Especially with the addition of MCM design effectively doubling the amount of GPU you get although maybe combined they are close to one full old chip.

If the new generation follows suit of the old we can follow on from it. As it tends to be the case that prices stayed the same but more recently they have been rising. And so we may expect some increase as well.

RX 6000 series RX 7000 series
RX 6900 XT – $999 RX 7900 XT ~ $1000-$1500
RX 6800 XT – $649 RX 7800 XT ~$700-$900
RX 6700 XT – $479 RX 7700 XT ~ $500-$700

AMD RDNA 3 overview

There is no official set date but we do know AMD expects the Radeon RDNA 3 GPUs sometime in 2022. We expect to see a good increase in performance, especially ray tracing to bring the fight closer to Nvidia. Where it might win is with ingenuity with 3d chips and MCM design.

We can’t wait to see what’s in stock for the next generation. Which will fit perfectly with the new AM5 platform. We’ll be sure to keep this page updated with the latest.

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