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15 Study-Based Hacks To Keep Extra Calories Away

Researchers say that making tiny changes to the daily diet and lifestyle can bring about tectonic changes in people who are trying to lose weight rather than starving or surviving on salads and juices. These changes become habits over time and losing weight becomes effortless rather than a constant struggle. Most importantly, being on a weight loss diet like Rati Beauty puts your body into a calorie deficit mode so that stored fat is utilized for energy, and you lose weight without compromising on nutrition and without implementing the concept of food deprivation. Here’s a fact that would shock you – the body actually needs a certain amount of calories to burn fat and with extreme slashing down of calories, it’s a bit difficult to slim down. We certainly need calories to run all body functions smoothly, but there are clever ways to skimp calories without hurting the body. So, apart from being on the right kind of diet, here are 15 Study-Based Hacks To Keep Extra Calories Away, and get to your goal weight asap.

15 Study Based Hacks To Keep Extra Calories Away

1. Swap That Spoon with a Fork: A study done at University of Florida reveals that eating from a fork compared to from a spoon helps to cut down calories. They found out that people ate significantly more food while using a spoon; on the other hand, people using a fork ate fewer portions. Since spoons have more surface area than forks and it’s easier to heap food on spoons rather than on a fork, you unknowingly can consume more calories with a spoon.
2. Swap Dinner Plate with a Heavy Bowl: Now that you have decided to eat food with a fork, we would urge you to swap your 10-inch dinner plate with a heavy bowl. When you consume food from a bowl, you are bound to serve a smaller portion of food, and that would prevent you from eating more than you need. There are also studies that have found that your brain gets tricked and feels satisfied when you eat from a bowl than from a plate. You would feel full when you eat from a small bowl with the same quantity of food that you eat from a larger plate. Also, the bowl’s weight in hand will give you the feeling that you are consuming more food. So, dump that plate and pick a heavy bowl to have your food in.
3. Water Preloading: It’s a strategy that makes sure you are drinking enough water and helps curb appetite as well, and cut down calories too. In this strategy, experts recommend to consume 500 ml of plain water half an hour before each meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Such a quantity of water before the meal will significantly stretch your tummy and as a result, there would be lesser release of the hunger hormone “ghrelin.” This means you would feel full with less food and fewer calorie intake. This is considered an effective strategy to tackle overeating.
4. Add a Pinch of Cinnamon To Food: There was a study that was published in The Journal of the American College of Nutrition, which mentions that adding a tbsp of cinnamon to food can stabilize blood sugar level and this aromatic spice’s anti-inflammatory and thermogenic properties can lower inflammation and fight belly fat as well. However, experts also warn to use cinnamon in moderation, not more than 1 tbsp for cassia variety, because overdose may lead to serious side effects such as liver damage.
5. Avoid Processed Foods: Ketchup, mayonnaise, jam, and other ready-to-eat foods have high amount of salt, sugar, preservatives, artificial colors, flavours, and synthetic ingredients packed with empty calories that not only make losing weight quite difficult, they are detrimental for overall health as well.
6. Being on an Online Weight Loss Program Helps a Great Deal: Researchers at The Journal of American Medical Association found out that people in online weight loss programs tend to lose a bit more weight with the extra support and accountability associated with such programs. So, do check out the Rati Beauty diet to lose weight successfully.
7. Eat Fruits Whole Instead of Juicing Them Out: Fruits and vegetables are considered an essential part of a balanced diet because fruits and veggies are packed with vitamins, essential minerals, and other nutrients that help with the fat-burning process. However, when it comes to fruits, experts suggest eating them in their whole form rather than juicing them out. Fruit juices, even, the freshly-squeezed ones are not nutritionally equal to whole fruits because the juicing process breaks down the fiber content, which is so necessary to keep the digestive system healthy because it helps in active absorption of nutrients, in controlling blood sugar, and in lowering cholesterol. So, whole fruit is the best way to eat your fruit. Also read: “6 Ways To Not Eat Fruits When Trying To Lose Weight.”
8. Have Protein-Rich Snacks: There are multiple ways through which protein helps you lose weight – by boosting metabolism, curbing appetite, stabilizing blood sugar, and in building muscle as well. Apple slices with peanut butter, handful of nuts, roasted chickpeas, carrot with hummus, cheese popcorn, hard boiled eggs are a few examples where you can get a good dose of protein between meals.
9. Increase Fiber Intake: Like protein, fiber slows down stomach emptying, keeps you fuller for longer, and keeps the gut bacteria “happy” – all of them helping with weight loss. Read about “12 Handy Tips To Add More Fiber to Diet for Weight Loss.”
10. Change the Cooking Oil: Using random oils for cooking food is a bad idea, especially while trying to lose weight because most of them raise inflammation, and obviously high in calories. If you have got rid of junk food and working out consistently in order to trim down, changing your cooking oil will be hugely beneficial too. Looking for a weight-loss friendly oil? Here are “7 Best Cooking Oils For Weight Loss.”
11. Cut Down Oil Intake: Even if you have switched to the healthiest oil on the planet, make sure you are using it miserly, using no more than 1 or 2 tbsp each time. Even olive oil is high in calories, so use oil in moderation always.
12. Avoid Transfat: Research has shown that transfat not only leads to weight gain, it tends to mobilize fat from other areas of the body to the belly area! Margarine, frozen pizza, cakes, non-dairy creamer, etc. have transfat in them, and do make it a point to read the ingredients list of products to avoid transfat.
13. Practice Early To Bed, Early To Rise: Multiple studies have found a direct link between sleep deprivation and increase in belly fat. Sleep deprivation causes the imbalance of two hormones in your body- leptin and ghrelin. Leptin sends signals to brain that you are full after you eat, and ghrelin stimulates hunger. Due to lack of sleep, the quantity of leptin decreases in your body, and the ghrelin levels increase, and stress hormone cortisol also shoots up (one major reason behind belly fat buildup). And, you tend to indulge in late-night eating habits as well. Make sure you take around seven hours of sleep every day; it would be best if you sleep early and wake up early every single day.
14. Sip on Green Tea: The hype around green tea is not fabricated or hogwash. Green tea has antioxidants, particularly catechins, that a study that was published in the Journal of Nutrition, mentions enhances exercise-induced loss of belly fat and lowers triglycerides as well.
15. Eat Slowly and Without Any Distractions: Multiple studies have concluded that it takes around 20 minutes from the time that you start eating for the brain to send signals that the tummy is full! If you eat in a rush, then the body is unable to relay the satiety signal, and you would most likely overeat. Therefore, take pauses between each bite, chew food properly, eat without distractions (no TV or youtube videos), and you would be surprised that you can feel with relatively little amount of food.

With these tips in hand, you would effortlessly lose weight and reach your goal weight like a boss.

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